Time is uncontrollable, past is unforgiving. What happened where you standing but 24 hours ago, a year ago, or even a century ago is the overture of present and future. The piece is discussing being, how the past has interrupt the present. What would people react if present is overlapped with the past?

The cube interrupts the bridge, but not physically. People interrupt people, but not from the present. The installation record and display the movement of the passengers with a 24 hours delay. What people see is track of existence 24 hours ago. The light depicts a poetic moment of being able to feel the past that interrupts the present. While people interact with the light, their interactions also interrupt the time 24 hours ago, which is the future. In that way, the time in the light cube is interrupted, and no longer linear.

Team member: Kaiwen Zhao, Yun Wang