Our homes sit humbly among the neighborhood fabric on Plymouth street. As one travels down the street, they are greeted by the low roof line of our dwelling which bows down at a sympathetic angle to the viewer responding to the natural New Haven topography. Our one story units are bridged to the neighboring two story homes by a row of trees just larger than our roof line and lower than our neighbor’s eave, orchestrating a gentle elevation transition for the eye. As the dweller enters the unit, the inertia gained by walking down the street is further carried through the sectional qualities of plan and out into the site behind. A system of tiered elements draw the occupant in, establishing a living experience which aspires to embrace at the street and invite in. Our interior offers opportunities to imbue your identity within the space; a series of pull-out shelves reside in a cavity below the bed. One may begin to store the possessions of life in these chambers. And from the bed above, one may survey the extents of their home before slipping into rest for the night, knowing fully the protection of its enclosure and also what may wait beyond.

Team member: Kaiwen Zhao, Liang Hu, Ben Thompson, Yuhan Zhang, Christine Song, Jiaming Gu